Cat photography Bristol

Ever wondered what the inside of a photographer’s house looks like? Probably not, but this is your chance to have a peek inside anyway.

Here’s a collection of photos of my 3 amazing cats Max, Louie & Charlie posing in my home. If you know me personally you’ll know just how obsessed with animals (especially cats) and quirky home decor I am.

If I wasn’t a professional photographer I’d quite happily be an interior designer. Luckily my partner in crime Carly gives me pretty much free run when it comes to styling in our household. She’s also very forgiving of my collection of decorative antiques, which you’ll see making an appearance in some photos.

Yes, I did purchase a funky bowtie for each of my cats (from Cat in Berlin if you’re interested). They each have their own personalities and numerous nicknames.

My black and white cat Max (also known as softie) is my eldest and loves nothing more than cuddling all day. Within seconds of sitting on my sofa he’ll be on my lap making a nest. He also sleeps on the bed every night and even lies like a human with his body under the duvet and head on the pillow.

Louie the silvery grey cat is also known as Stoffel, after a rather persistent honey badger on a BBC documentary. He’s a notorious food thief who’s brought us home all manner of odd things, including half a roast chicken, a packet of cheddar cheese, a leek, pieces of toast, part of a butternut squash and even a rubber duck!

Charlie the crazy tabby also known as tiger boy and is the most outgoing of the trio. As you can tell he really loves the camera and would quite happily pose all day. He’s the boss and absolutely loves attention from his human parents (and complete strangers for that matter). When I arrive home from a long day’s shooting he rolls around on his back presenting his tummy. I think he must miss me.

I hope you enjoy having a nose at my funny kitties in amongst my collection of quirky antiques.

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Simon is a lifestyle and advertising photographer shooting campaigns for leading pet brands in the South West and further afield.