As a Bath portrait photographer also covering Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire I have a huge wealth of locations at my disposal for my fun and natural family sessions.

To me family and children’s portraits should be genuine, revealing your real personalities and charm. The best way to do this is to photograph you doing what you normally do. Most kids love to be in the great outdoors exploring, being very cheeky and generally up to no good.

All my family photoshoot clients get to choose a location that they feel will best fit them and their family. You may be able to think of the perfect spot but if you’re struggling to choose a location that will be well suited to you and your family’s tastes then this blog will certainly give you some inspiration (not only for the location but also what to wear and the time of year).

There are 3 main types of locations to choose from: natural rural settings, trendy urban spaces, or a photoshoot in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s not forget that the seasons will have a effect on how a particular setting will look and sometimes timing is everything so a little pre-planning can be needed.


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We all love being in nature surrounded by trees, colourful flowers and lush views so this option is probably the most popular. In the South West we’re never far away from a beautiful green space and these are packed full of potential for a relaxed family photoshoot.

You may like to pick a favourite park, woodland, lake, botanical garden or your family’s land (if you’re fortunate enough to have some!)

If, like me, you love a splash of colour then places like lavender or rapeseed fields can make for striking images. Things like long grass, hay bales, fallen down trees and rustic wooden gates also work well creating unique family photos.


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So many of us live in the city and are proud to call it our home. Urban spaces definitely offer something completely different to rural locations. Packed full of colour, graffiti, cool textures and landmarks which instantly shouts about the places we live.

You may choose to use Bristol’s stunning harbourside with its rustic trains, epic views of the waterfront and iconic landmarks like Hotwells and the SS Great Britain. I love being a Bath portrait photographer as it’s also full of amazing architecture like the Royal Crescent and all its quirky little side streets.

Many of my clients who have already had a rural photoshoot with me choose an urban space for variety and something completely different on future shoots.


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You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get stylish family portraits. So many of us are very house proud and spend hours renovating our houses, choosing home decor to suit family life. After all, a home can say a lot about the people who live there.

Photos can be taken inside and out, making the most of your favourite rooms in your house and garden.

During the same session, we can also use a special place nearby which may have sentimental value to you as a family. This may include a park or fields that you regularly visit for family walks or picnics.


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The 4 seasons offer so much variety in terms of colour, clothing and lighting. Long hot summer days may be your thing, with lush greenery covering the landscape or perhaps you prefer vibrant autumnal colours wrapped up warm stomping through leaves in a pair of wellies.

The striking colours of spring flowers like bluebells covering your favourite wood provide an awesome backdrop. Likewise, a frosty early morning walk during the cold winter months can set a beautiful mood with stunning winter light.


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After over a decade of working with kids and families the photography side of things has become second nature to me. This means I can concentrate on making you and your little ones laugh, armed with my squeaky monkey hand puppet (called Dave!)

I have a few tried and tested tricks up my sleeve for getting all involved to feel relaxed in front of the camera. I also encourage family members to help keep your children entertained. Dad wiggling his bum behind the camera is always a winner for making everyone laugh out loud.

Don’t worry if you think your children won’t cooperate, many photos in my portfolio have arisen from cheeky moments. Often a bit of mischief can make for the most characterful photos!


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