Batts Farm wedding photography

I finished 2018 with a bang, photographing Lottie and Jamie’s super chilled and fun wedding at the beautiful Hornblotton Church followed by the rustic Batts Farm near Bruton in Somerset.

I met the girls in the morning at Lottie’s parents home which was just around the corner from the church. When I arrived everyones was in high spirits and there was lots of girly giggles. The sun was shining creating the most amazing winter light. Once everyone was looking incredible and ready to go there was lots of tears and emotions from Lottie, her parents and younger brother.

I arrived at the church ahead of the bride to capture shots of the groom and the guests arriving. Jamie was as cool as a cucumber and seemed really relaxed having fun with the boys and greeting guests.

The ceremony kicked off and again there was lots more emotions from the couple and their guests. In true festive spirit during the first kiss Jamie pulled out some mistletoe, which I thought was a lovely touch.

After the ceremony the large wedding party pilled up outside eagerly wanting to congratulate the couple. I set up a confetti tunnel for Lottie and Jamie to walk through and their guests weren’t shy covering them head to toe. As the wedding party made their way to the Batts Farm we stayed at the church to capture a handful of couple photos. As it’s been Lottie’s family tradition to get married in this church it was important to get some photos here.

On arrival at the barn we carried on the relaxed couple shoot creating a lovely varied set. All done in time for the sun to set. The barn where the rest of the days proceedings was happening was looking appropriately festive dressed with lots of fairy lights and Christmas trees. All this with some rustic charm created a wonderful cozy vibe for the speeches and food.

The Father of the bride kicked off the speeches but his emotions got the better of him and the Mum had to step in to finish it off. Who can blame him, seeing his little girl so happy. Jamie delivered a pretty good speech packed full laughs and a little tear from Lottie. Then the three best men got everyone in the house laughing with their hilarious and heartfelt speech.

Before the evening party began the couple and I had a quick round of photos making the use of creative flash photography, fairy lights and a full moon.

By the evening all their guest were ready to party. Everyone crowned around the dance floor for the first dance. Lottie’s little brother sang while the couple had an emotional first dance giving it a very personal touch.

The band got the crown going and I captured lots of shenanigans and Dad dancing. As I was leaving the groom got up on stage and sang a whole song and in true rock and roll style ripped off his shirt and throw it into the crown.

A MASSIVE thanks to the amazing Lottie and Jamie for having me share their big day. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I was also well feed, watered and looked after all day. Congratulations again and hopefully I’ll be seeing you again in the future.

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