It’s a dubious honour being a professional portrait photographer at family gatherings. Naturally I’m nominated to take photos of important occasions, and my niece Grace’s 5th birthday was no exception.

I’m not afraid to admit that while I was looking forward to a family day out to celebrate Grace’s birthday I wasn’t particularly looking forward to “working” on the 7th day of an already 6-day working week, but my hesitation was short lived as I remembered just how fun it is spending time with my little niece…and I just so happened to my camera in tow.

The requested “handful of shots” quickly turned into a full blown family portrait shoot, with the rest of my family getting in on the act.

I’m glad that I have the ability to produce these precious memories for my family, as it’ll be great to look at in years to come and remember the occasion (and probably laugh at our clothes / hair / how young we look in comparison).


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